I’m at a stage of life where I have nothing but time for myself and family.  Yes, retired but not scrapped…..yet:-)  I gave over forty years to the computer industry.  During this time I witnessed some of the fastest changes in human achievement. Take computer communication, I started using a coupler (early modem) running at 110bps, now I’m editing this page over a broadband link running at 80Mpbs.
Oh and the disk storage then and now, I remember single platter 12 inch disks capable of storing 5Mb.  Today we have 5Tb on a 3.5 inch drive.  I bought my first hard drive with 5Mb in 1983 for my IBM PC which cost £500 then.  Today you can get a 2Tb hard drive for £40.

When I left school I became an engineering apprentice and later completed a degree in computer science.  In my retirement I have combined the two and converted my milling machine into a CNC miller.  You will therefore find a lot of content on this site devoted to CNC.